Our Features


We, at Unistar Special Risks Inc., are proud to offer you a product line that you will not find anywhere else. As a wholesaler, we can work with our Insurers and Reinsurers to offer you, a wide variety of group products and features. Most of our products offered can be written on a stand-alone basis versus the normal underwriting rules used by traditional Insurers.

Diverse Features & Values

A list of specialty products can be accessed through our company such as:

  • Quote stand-alone pooled benefits (Life, WI, LTD, and CI)
  • Quote stand-alone insured EHC and Dental with very competitive TLR and no IBNR’s
  • Expanded list of eligible groups as compared to Traditional Insurers
  • Creation of blocks of business for your clients with a common renewal date
  • Seasonal and Contractor coverages available for a minimum work term of six continuous months
  • We write Associations Plans and Multi-Employer Groups including start-ups
  • Option of LTD to age 70
  • No family content rules
  • Ability to create your own commission scale within each benefit up to a maximum of 20%
  • White label offerings

Block of Business

  • The intent is to create a block of business for Brokers, TPA’s and MGA’s in order to take advantage of a single renewal date, blended block rates and lowered plan expenses.
  • Much lower admin and claim charges to smaller clients due to combining risks and no IBNR’s Reserve Account.
  • A competitive Target loss ratio (TLR) which includes claims, admin fees, taxes and broker commission.
  • As a TPA is required, we have a set per employee cost that is maintained outside of the plan expenses and therefore has no affect on the TLR.

Industry Products

Unistar offers many products for various industry types. We are constantly evolving our product lines and we create programs for Trade Associations including start-up. Please contact us to discuss how we can develop a product or opportunity for your industry.

Some of our current products have been developed for:

  • Transportation
  • Heavy Construction
  • Not-For-Profit
  • Franchising
  • Small Business

Outsourced Products

Unistar outsources many of its products such as:

  • Captive Insurance
  • Claims Management