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Specialized Insurance Services

Unistar Special Risks Inc. was founded by Gary Brown, an insurance broker himself for over 40 years. Through his experience as a broker, he discovered that many types of businesses and organizations were bearing large, unwarranted premiums. Products just didn’t exist to accommodate the unique risks to fit their specific needs. With a vast network of business contacts, and a line of unique insurance products, Unistar Special Risks Inc. was founded in 2000, wholesaling its products to qualified associates.

Unistar Special Risks at a Glance


Unique Features & Values

  • Quote stand-alone pooled benefits (Life, WI, LTD, and CI)
  • Quote stand-alone insured EHC and Dental with very competitive TLR and no IBNR’s
  • Expanded list of eligible groups as compared to Traditional Insurers
  • No family content rules
  • Seasonal and Contractor coverages available for a minimum work term of six continuous months
  • We write Associations Plans and Multi-Employer Groups including start-ups
  • Option of LTD to age 70
  • Creation of blocks of business for your clients with a common renewal date
  • Ability to create your own commission scale within each benefit up to a maximum of 20%
  • White label offerings
Our Products

Value Added Services

  • EAP Programs
  • Medical Second Opinion
  • Eldercare
  • Extra Optional Benefits for Employees
  • Free Direct to Door Prescriptions Delivery
  • Third Party Administration Available
Our Services

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Insurance can have various effects on society through the way that it changes who bears the cost of losses and damage. On one hand it can increase fraud; on the other it can help prepare for catastrophes.

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