About Us


Unistar SRI was founded by Gary Brown, an insurance broker himself for over 40 years. In his work as a broker, he discovered many kinds of businesses and organizations that were bearing large, unwarranted premiums because products just didn’t exist that could accommodate those unique risks. With excellent business contacts, and a line of unique insurance products, Unistar SRI was founded in 2001, wholesaling its products to qualified associates.

Who Do We Serve?

Some of the specialized insurance markets we serve include owner-operated transportation, agriculture, pharmaceutical professionals, mining, and retail franchisees... but we are constantly evolving to find solutions for risks in new markets. We also offer specialty products at accessible, affordable rates. At Unistar, we believe that there should be a rate for any risk.

What Is Our Purpose?

Unistar SRI was created to meet the needs of independent insurance brokers and TPA’s by providing specialized insurance markets in Canada. Widespread consolidation of financial institutions that provide only traditional insurance in Canada has left many brokers and TPA’s in search of specialized markets.

What Is Our Mission?

To be recognized as the preferred Canadian insurance wholesaler that quality, independent insurance third party administrators rely upon for creative, flexible, responsive and profitable solutions to their clients' and brokers unique insurance underwriting needs.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.

                                               - Mark Twain

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